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About PloneGov

Hundreds European, North and South American and African Public organizations participate in the PloneGov project. The goals of this close collaboration is to share knowledge and develop in a cooperative manner, applications and websites suited for public organization for their own use as well as for their citizens’. PloneGov strategy mainly rests on two renowned multiplatform Open Source tools: Plone and Zope.

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PloneGov brings together projects from different countries to develop collaborations in order to foster innovation. SubCommunities are independent projects or organizations having their own resources (name, team, budget, developers, code, projects, website and references in the Public Sector). These projects are usually taking place under the leadership of Public organizations. By being listed on the PloneGov site, SubCommunties benefit from a higher visibility and the networking effect with other SubCommunities leaders.

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This section lists towns, cities, regions and other public organizations member of PloneGov. All these public administrations develop by themselves, or with the support of vendors, their own e-government applications and are open to collaboration to eliminate the duplication of effort.

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Cases Studies

Case studies bring you an in-depth view of the projects and enable to understand the benefits of the PloneGov initiative and how we work. Members and subcommunities are invited to share their experience and submit new cases studies. Additional cases studies about Plone usage worldwide can be found on

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PloneGov award winning initiative is drawing attention from a broad range of organizations including European open source federations, American local governments associations or the European Commission. It highlights the positive impact and merit of such collaborative project, which are applicable in a broad sense to public organizations in any country.

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